Nature’s Best Spinach goes down a treat at the Cooks Academy

Roast Cod Loin, Ready to Eat Spinach and Flavoured Butter

Ingredients required to rustle up this culinary delight

Fish and Spinach. Two of the healthiest and easiest things to cook which is why we have put them together to rustle up a healthy, convenient and delicious dinner that is bound to win over even the fussiest crowd. The ingredients are simple, there’s very little cleaning up and your body will thank you for giving it a nutritional hit.

Take a look at the video below for a step by step guide on how to recreate this dish.

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Fillet of Cod Loin (enough for two,ask your Fishmonger,& make sure it is pin boned)
– Bag of Natures Best Spinach (or any washed and ready to eat spinach)
– Barrel of Blast & Wilde Chilli,Lime & Corriander Seed Butter
– A Lemon (non waxed is best)
– Seasoning-Atlantic Sea Salt & Freshly Ground pepper
– One Rasher of Smokey Bacon

Dinner is served- Roast Cod, Wok Fried Spinach in a Chilli, Lime & Coriander infused butter

Simple, Healthy and Delicious. Healthy Eating made easy.


To Cook 
-Heat a griddle pan with a little oil,and seal the Cod Fillet for 2 minutes on both sides
-Place Cod in pre-heated oven(180) for 5/7 minutes,until firm to touch in middle
-Heat your Wok,add in a little oil(will stop the Butter burning),and a generous knob(40g)of Blast & Wilde Chilli,Lime & Corriander Seed Butter
-Dice up Bacon & add to Wok
-Put in A Bag of Natures Best Spinach,wok fry for 2/3 minutes,until Spinach starts to soften
-Plate Up & Enjoy!
-Drizzle a little Lemon Oil for extra zing and add a Wedge of Lemon
Special thanks to Bord Bia for arranging the shoot and to the Cooks Academy for allowing us to use their excellent facilities